Mission Statement:  teach and motivate students of all ages to bring vitality and awareness into their body and mind
I have been practicing yoga for over ten years with various instructors at different studios and health clubs, further excelled my yogic interest at the Chopra Center (La Costa) and the White Lotus Foundation (Santa Barbara). I was awarded my teacher’s certification in early spring 2011 by the Rishi Institute. In no time, teaching yoga became my passion in life.  I enjoy seeing my students improve their health and well being, reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, strengthen their bodies and gain body/mind balance after just a few months of Mindful Yoga practice.  (See what students have to say about my yoga classes in the testimonials section.)
I myself have recovered from several life-threatening illnesses by practicing Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation. Yoga has helped me regain control of my body, restore my health, heal my soul by getting rid of anxieties and stress of daily life challenges and staying focused in the present. Having taken meditation courses & retreats at InSightLa (Santa Monica) and practicing mindful meditation daily keeps me centered and abreast of the latest in this field of self awareness & neuroscience.  I specialize in Hatha Yoga & Mindful Meditation, presently teaching group & private classes, from beginner to mixed levels. You can connect with me either by email or phone for a free private consultation or just try one of my classes.  Yoga is for Every Body & Every Age, it is never too late to start or resume the journey of body/mind balance, vitality, self awareness and inner peace. My references are available to discuss their Yoga Living experience.  I look forward to sharing the wisdom of YOGA with you.
                                                                       "At certain age yoga is not an option, it is a necessity"
 Natalie Schwartz  BA, CYI   Healing with Yoga                           Visit me at www.facebook.com/yogaliving11